The Netscape Unofficial FAQ Japanese Edition

A s a purely volunteer effort, The Netscape Champions Team has put together a loosely edited list of Frequently Asked Questions that have been posted and answered in Netscape discussion groups. While we do have connections to Netscape, these answers are the work of various individuals and are not necessarily endorsed by Netscape Communications Corporation.

As another purely volunteer effort, I made a plan to translate UFAQ into Japanese, and asked permission to the Netscape Champions. After several discussions with the Champions, this UFAQ Japanese edition could be published. Therefore, I proudly announce to you that this is a Netscape Champions approved site.

This edition is for Japanese people; so if you are looking for English FAQ's and tips about Netscape, you should better visit The Netscape Unofficial FAQ directly.

Thank You for Visiting My Site and Happy Surfing!

Document Last Revised on: 8/October/2007

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The "UFAQ" was originally designed, written and maintained by John P. Oliver. Thanks John for your past efforts and your continued contribution!!

The current UFAQ is maintained by Jay Garcia.

The UFAQ Japanese Edition is translated and edited by Joji Ikeda.
All rights reserved.

JI thanks to Gloria Rodriguez for all the support you've shown me from the beginning. And Special Thanks to all the Netscape Champions!!